Silent Tongue (1994)  Movie Page
Cast: Richard Harris, Alan Bates, River Phoenix and Dermot Mulroney
Far North (1988)  Movie Page
Cast: Jessica Lange, Charles Durning, Patricia Arquette, Tess Harper, Donald Muffat, Ann Wedgeworth

Geography of a Horse Dreamer  More info
Date: February 1974
Place: Royal Court, London
Action  More info
Date: 1975
Place: Magic Theatre, San Francisco
Angel City
Date: July 1976
Place: Magic Theatre, San Francisco
Date: September 1978
Place: Magic Theatre, San Francisco
Savage/Love  More info
Date: November 1979
Place: Public Theater, NYC
Fool for Love   More info
Date: May 1983 
Place: Circle Repertory Company,  NYC
A Lie of the Mind  More info
Date: December 1985
Place: Promenade Theater, NYC
Simpatico  More info
Date: November 1994 
Place: Public Theater, NYC
The Late Henry Moss  More info
Date: November 2000
Place: Magic Theatre, San Francisco
Kicking a Dead Horse   More info
Date: March 2007 and June 2008
Place: Abbey Theatre, Dublin and Public Theater, NYC